[Today’s Weather] 10 Hottest Cities In USA 2023

The Hottest city in America currently is Phoenix with a temperature measuring 106.1 F  and in Normal mid-summer, it has temperatures as high as 86.6 F. There are several cities in the United States known famously for their extremely high weather and temperature reading way high above average with some reaching 100oF.

Interestingly, you will also find out that some of the most populated cities in the US fell on the listed here because of extreme temperatures. So, journey with us for more information.

Hottest Cities In US 2023 Top 10.

The Hottest Cities in the USA encompass the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the deserts of the Southwest.

  1. Phoenix.
  2. Tucson.
  3. Las Vegas.
  4. Del Rio.
  5. Brownsville.
  6. San Antonio.
  7. Austin.
  8. San Angelo.
  9. Corpus Christi.
  10. Waco.

List Of Hottest Cities In America Today.

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#1. Phoenix.

  • State: Arizona.
  • Normal mid-summer high: 106.1 F.
  • Normal year-round high: 86.6 F.

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona, it is the hottest city in the United States right now.

The city is home to over 1.6 million people who regularly experience extremely harsh weather for over 169 days a year where the temperature reaches over 90°F.

The high temperature is attributed to the mountains that surround the valley, blocking off rain and clouds in turn causing heat to build up under high air pressure.

Also, the extreme temperature is due to its proximity to the equator making it one of the hottest cities in the USA.

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#2. Tucson.

  • State: Arizona.
  • Normal mid-summer high: 100.2 F. 
  • Normal year-round high: 82.9 F.

Tucson is yet another city in the United State of Arizona with the highest temperature in America with the temperature reaching over 90°F for a minimum of 147 days annually.

Interestingly, Tucson often gets hotter than Phoenix during the winter season. One of the reasons attributing to the high temperature experienced in the city is its location on the edge of the Sonoran Desert.

#3. Las Vegas.

  • State: Nevada.
  • Normal mid-summer high: 104.1 F. 
  • Normal year-round high: 79.60F.

The city of Las Vegas is the most populous in the United State of Nevada, is also one of the hottest cities in America occupying the third spot. The city averages over 70 days a year with temperatures reaching 79.6oF.

Interestingly, despite the hot weather, the city remains a tourist destination in the United States, so visitors should plan and visit areas with air conditioning during the summer months.

#4. Del Rio.

  • State: Texas.
  • Normal mid-summer high: 97.1 F.
  • Normal year-round high: 81.6 F.

The city of Del Rio in southwestern Texas, United States has consistently ranked among the hottest cities in America.

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While most Texans and visitors experience about 134 days per year with temperatures reaching over 90°F. This means you have more than four months to endure the harsh weather.

Likewise, the year-round average temperature reaches 81.6°F.

#5. Brownsville.

  • State: Texas.
  • Normal mid-summer high: 94.4 F.
  • Normal year-round high: 83.5 F.

The city of Brownsville is yet another Texas City to appear on the list. The city is situated on the western Gulf Coast in South Texas, not far from the border with Matamoros, Mexico.

Temperatures in this city also get pretty high, especially during the summer, with an average mid-summer high temperature reaching 94.4°F making it one of the Hottest cities in the USA.

#6. San Antonio.

  • State: Texas.
  • Normal mid-summer high: 97.5 F. 
  • Normal year-round high: 80.7 F.

The city of San Antonio keeps us still in Texas coming in at the sixth spot among the Hottest cities in America.

Residents in this city experience nearly year-round extreme hot weather with an average mid-summer temperature reaching up to nearly 98°F each day.

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However, San Antonio is reported to have experienced increasingly warmer temperatures in recent years, with the summer season lasting longer.

The reason has been that the high-pressure system that lingered in central Texas during the summer, keeps cold air from flowing into the region.

#7. Austin.

  • State: Texas.
  • Normal mid-summer high: N/A.
  • Normal year-round high: 79.7 F.

Seems we are never getting out of Texas with another city from the state appearing again on the list. Austin is an inland city bordering the Hill Country region.

It is the capital city of the United State of Texas. Residents and visitors are exposed to high temperatures for about 114 days per year reaching above 90°F, making the capital city one of the hottest cities in the country.

#8. San Angelo.

  • State: Texas.
  • Normal mid-summer high: 95.1 F.
  • Normal year-round high: 78.2 F.

San Angelo is also a Texas City that appears as one of the hottest cities in America. That’s because the city experience extreme temperature that is over 90oF.

Also, summer seasons are long, hot, and humid, while winters are short, cold, dry, and windy.

#9. Corpus Christi.

  • State: Texas.
  • Normal mid-summer high: 94.4 F.
  • Normal year-round high: 81.6 F.

Corpus Christi also represents the United State of Texas on the list of Hottest cities in the USA recording around year temperatures of over 81oF and mid-summer temperatures reaching over 90oF.

However, even though there is no shortage of sunlight in the city, it usually gets partly cloudy throughout the year.

#10. Waco.

  • State: Texas.
  • Normal mid-summer high: 96.8 F.
  • Normal year-round high: 77.8 F.

Appearing on the tenth spot on our list and closing our discussion on the Hottest cities in America Waco, another Texas city.

The average temperature during the year can be as low as 39oF and as high as 97oF.

Interestingly, aside from the sweltering heat experienced during summer seasons, spending time in the city of Waco can be very pleasant in other seasons.

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Where Is The Hottest Place In The US year-round?

Phoenix, Arizona, is known for its scorching temperatures.

It consistently ranks first for the number of days per year when temperatures exceed 89°F or 99°F. Miami is vying with Phoenix for the title of hottest city year-round.

Which State Is The Hottest In The USA Right Now?

With an average annual temperature of 70.7°F, Florida is the hottest state in the United States.

Florida is the southernmost contiguous state in the United States, with a subtropical climate in the north and center and a tropical one in the south. Summers are hot and humid, with pleasant winters.

Which State Is The Coldest In The USA?

Alaska is the country’s coldest state. The average temperature of Alaska is 26.6°F, however, it may be as cold as -30°F in the winter.

What US City Has The Best Year-round Weather?

Best U.S. Cities for Year-Round Weather

  • Santa Fe, NM.
  • Orlando, FL.
  • Santa Barbara, CA.
  • San Diego, CA.
  • Sarasota, FL.
  • St. George, UT.
  • Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Tacoma, WA.

What City Has The Best Climate In The World Currently?

These are the areas on the planet with the nicest weather.

San Diego, California, and So Paulo, Brazil

Medellin is a city in Colombia.

The British Overseas Territory of Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory.

Costa Rica’s capital is San Jose.

Spain’s Canary Islands

In June, the average temperature in Hawaii was 26 degrees Celsius. …


Kenya. The average temperature in June: is 24.8 degrees Celsius.


By now, you must have learned about the hottest city in America which is Phoenix, the temperature of this city coupled with other information about other cities that are having extremely high temperatures and all you need to know.

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